Lambs Feet 3Pk Dog Chew (Dried)


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(RRP £3.00)(ESPECIALLY DOGS PRICE £2.80)Here at Especially Dogs we care about your dog’s health and fitness. This is why we stock JR’S lamb trotters. They contain nothing but pure Lamb with no additives or extras. Delicious and hypoallergenic, these Lambs feet make for a great alternative to Pigs Trotters and won’t splinter or crack. Ideal for training your dog or as a guilt-free snack.Why are Lambs Feet so good for your dog?They only contain one ingredient – lamb! So not only can you be sure you’re keeping your dog in the best possible health, you know you’re giving them something they’ll really enjoy. Ideal for Dogs of all breeds and sizes.Key advantages include:-100% pure lambs feetHearty and deliciousNo additives and gluten freeGreat for snacks and training


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Lamb Pizzle Twists 100g Low fat Gluten free Grain free Air dried for maximum flavour and goodness Hypoallergenic High protein Suitable for all breeds


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